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Preferred Providers

1-888-OHIOCOMP partners with a provider network (Procura) and individual providers who offer discounts from 5% to over 45% on services and deliver a broad range of medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic services.

Procura Network: www.viiad.com

Concentra: www.concentra.com

Advantage Diagnostics: www.advantagemri.us.com

Care IQ MRI Network: www.corvel.com

Hastings Professional Medical Equipment: www.hastingshomehealth.com

Hometown Urgent Care: www.hometownurgentcare.com

Maxim Healthcare Sevices: www.maximhealthcare.com

North Olmsted Urgent Care: www.lakewoodurgentcare.org

Ohio Pain & Rehabilitation: www.oprmedical.com

Precision Diagnostic Imaging: www.pdidiagnostics.net

Rehab Professionals of Cleveland: www.rehabpros.net

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